February 06, 2008

small steps, but many !

Starting with a little peace of green jungle, our little land was cleaned of plants, trees and dirt, opening it up to see and make plans.
With the road four meters higher than the land the caravan came flying in, hanging from a truck's crane, and only after we had a place to sit down, sleep, eat and rest we decided for new steps.
So next was a concrete slope to make logistics easier, not having to "fly" all goods in.
And "next" was following, building a wall between the higher road and the lower land, creating a parkingplace at the same time, which turned out to become a little house, growing by coincidence, as walls and parkingroof formed a nice usable space to make it into an appartment.

And after a while:
there will be a little house with sleepingroom, bathroom, a nice living with kitchencorner, a lovely terrace and what's more, THAT view over Mosor Mountains.

As the picture shows is starts to look like a house now, and after "some" work to do it will be a great place to stay.
And with one step after another, something beautifull is growing, in our hidden valley behind the coast.

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