July 24, 2014


Our Adriatic Sea is thé reason why you and so many others 
choose to come to Dalmatia, every year again.
It's clear blue water, clean as clean can be, 
attracts people from all over the globe, year after year, 
and with hundreds of thousands, ever increasing.
To say it in other words, this is the véry best Croatia has to offer.

All you visitors fall in love with it, 
and each of you brings in money, loáds of money.
You and I are so to say: 
the chickens with the golden eggs.

And however I don't want to interfere with Croatian politics at áll,
this time I must speak out loud.

National politicians have the disastrous idea there is more money in drilling for oil; not somewhere far away, but between our Dalmatian islands.
More money, móre money..... how about all the money from tourism ?

The idea of drilling for mineral oil in this pristine sea environment is a bloody shame.
Daring to risk our sea is the biggest mistake éver.
As once the shit hits the fan, there is nó return.

So do please join the Clean Adriatic Sea Alliance, 
and STOP THIS DISASTER before it's to late.

Because you and I love Dalmatia for it's clean sea, 
nót for cheap fuel at the petrol station.
Our oil comes from trees, nót from the Adriatic.

There are other ways to keep our economy growing, 
there are other ways to harvest energy (lot's of sunshine), 
and there are other ways to fill the gap in the states' budget. 

Join the www.clean-adriatic.org 
before there is no turning back.

Enjoy your holidays at the most beautiful coast of Europe.
This year, next year, or any year in the future.

As an unspoiled Adriatic Sea is the véry bést gift, 
to ourselves ánd to the future !

July 21, 2014

Split without Salona: IMPOSSIBLE !

I like to be clear, sometimes even blunt :-).

However, if not being clear, you would miss this tip:
visiting Split without visiting Salona (today's Solin)
would be a terrible mistake.
As without Salona there wouldn't have been Split.

The old Romans knew how to pick their locations, 
and Salona is one of those unique spots.

Sun, soil, water, a perfect place to live near the Adriatic, 
well protected from invasive tribes, however that changed later on when the Slavs moved in.
For centuries however, the location was perfect,
a firm stronghold and a great place to relax from all the expeditions the Roman empire organised.
And relax they did, all those 50.000 ancient inhabitants.

Recently I received a newsletter from go Hvar at wordpress
with highly interesting information and a load of great pictures.

So once again, why bother if someone else does a better job,
I continue to pamper my crops, while you read the entire story at:

And I do hope you will visit Salona, as to understand why Split is Split,
you múst experience Salona.
The above mentioned link gives you a perfect idea.
And after reading it, you better see for yourself.

Promise ?
Great !

July 15, 2014

chase the donkey, thát's what you need to do !

Why bother writing my "no good for nothing" pages,
when there is a fár better option ?
Well, to be honest, I like to keep my English in shape, not easy for a Dutchman living in Dalmatia.
With a couple of languages in my head
(Dutch, English, German and a tiny bit of French),
and trying to increase my knowledge of Croatian
(svaki dan malo vise),
sometimes I get a headache flipping from one to another.

Than why not choose for Dutch or Croatian, you might ask,
the answer is plain simple,
my Croatian is very limited, and with only a few Dutch on the globe,
it makes sense to use English in stead.
That's why I use English, and with still a lot to share,
I'll continue to (try to) do so.

However, it's a painstaking process,
partially digging for what's still in my head,
sometimes with a bit of help from Google Translate.

However, if you prefer to read proper English,
and need detailed information about Dalmatia,
dó have look at: www.chasingthedonkey.com

It's written by a nice lady called Sarah Jane, originally from Australia,
but chasing her donkey, she settled in Dalmatia.
Again today I received her so called Weekly Update,
which made me think "why bother, she's better".

Will this mean the end of my blogging, héll nó,
but I want !! you !! to get the most out of your search for splendid information about Dalmatia,
and how to discover and enjoy it in the véry best way.

So go to www.chasingthedonkey.com as those pages are great,
but do come back here once in a while, 
as however not a frequent blogger,
I will continue to add stuff whenever I feel like it.
And as you may know, I never write about the regular touristic offer, 
and certainly not about fish-pick-nicks and such.
As when I feel like writing,
it's because I think something is worth sharing with you.
And as a result, you get to know Dalmacija better.
As thát's what drives me and my internet fellows.

Great job Sarah Jane, I envy you !

July 10, 2014

dive, dive, dive !

(Picture "stolen" from the internet).

Many if not most people visit Dalmatia because a swim in the Adriatic is great, after a bit of sun tanning.
And many if not all of them do not know what's below the surface.
Well than, let me share a recent story in the Dalmatian newspaper called Slobodna Dalmacija.

As this newspaper published about some stunning results from underwater archaeology, done in the neighbourhood of Zadar.

Here a team of professional archaeologists did an underwater survey, which evidence based showed the remains of ancient people,
dating back 3000 years, if not more.
And the results are breathtaking 
(which might be a problem for scuba divers :-).

  Not being an archaeologist myself, nor a diver, I truly was thrilled, also because an internet friend of me, called Alan Mandic, offered private funding and whatever extra help was needed.
Bravo Alan, you're the best !!!

Why am I so exited about it all, my answer is pretty simple:
ja volim Dalmacija (I love Dalmatia), with all it already has to offer, and all that is still unknown to so many visitors.
Much of it still hidden under soil or water, much however clearly visible, touchable to those who go a bit further than an obligate
fish pick nick or a (pleasant) boat trip up and down the Cetina river.

Oh boy, there is só much more to experience trúe Dalmatia. 
I (retired Dutchman living here now) simply need two lives (if not more) to get a proper view of all those amazing things around us.
As through history each and every occupant (or long stay visitor) left less or more traces, as this territory always was highly attractive, because of its climate, soil, and all it still offers today.
Fish, meat, vegetables, fruits, olives and grapes, a most attractive coastline, and áll that lies behind it.

Already wrote many little stories on my blog (check those pages), trying to convince you why I call this a God given paradise.

Anyway, if interested in all Dalmatia has to offer, beyónd the average offer, contact Alan Mandic and his team at Secret Dalmatia.com ,
as it's his pride and joy to reveal our secrets.
(No, don't ask me, I am retired, with zéro obligations).

And bare in mind, part of the money he charges you, he voluntarily donates to reveal some of all our hidden treasures.
As that's a job for other professionals, with or without compressed air.

If interested in underwater archaeology, check: http://icua.hr/en to dive into the Adriatic a bit deeper.
And if a landlubber like me, contact people like Alan, as he can guide you to many hidden secrets, in or out of the water.

Read the complete fantastic story Alan wrote at: secretdalmatia.wordpress .
It's worth leaving this page :-)

July 07, 2014

being dutch in dalmatia

Perhaps you haven´t noticed yet, but in Brasil there is a world championship going on.
So whát you may say.
!! Football !!

And however the Dalmatian people are known for being absolute Hajduk Split fans, specially in this region,
there is a category of fans that goes totally nuts these days.
The Dutch !

Maybe you still think ``shall I visit Holland or Dalmatia this year``, well, than better follow my advise !
Dón´t go to Holland, unless you love orange streets.

As where the Brazilians are yellow/green,  the Belgians like cooked lobsters, and the Argentinians white/blue,
it´s all nothing compared to entire Holland.
As Holland these days is suffering from an Orange Disease.

So if you want to see Holland in it´s normal colour (greyish pale blue with plenty of rain), better wait till our team either wins the world championship or gets kicked out.

Until than it´s better to decide for Dalmatia.
Green, blue and sunny as usual.


Thank heaven, Holland lost in a terrible match against the Argentinians.
And without being an expert on football items, I think Germany will be world champion.
May the best team win, as that's what they are !!!