April 26, 2013

wonderful world

Discovering the globe; it all starts with some local explorations.
That goes for kittens as well as humans.

After some mild rain yesterday, today is as usual, great weather, clear blue skies and a mild 20 C. in the morning.
(And coming week temperature even goes into the 25 degrees, not bad :-).

Everything on our land is growing rapidly, potatoes have been planted, so now it's all a matter of keeping things going with a bit of water and some tlc.

Later this spring we'll enjoy cherries from the trees, first strawberries, young salads, into summer it's melon time, as also a lot of melons have been planted.

Producing (and reproducing) a wide variety of fruits, vegetables and flowers is one of my to many hobbies, and the land we've got is the most fantastic lot (all friends around say).

Still have many other hobbies, pure practical and theoretical (researching Roman history in this area for instance), all of it for the fun of it, as only being in it for the money is history to me (happily retired).

And of course I explore our world like those young cats, as amazed as they are, step af step after step into this gorgeous area.
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April 23, 2013

one, two, three

Recently one of our "house" cats gave bearth to six kittens.
One red, two white, three grey, but that's how it goes here, with many fathers involved in love affairs.

House cats means they live around the house, some on a distance, some less shy, all of them always looking for some food to add to the daily menu hunted around the house.

Many people here have some farm cats, keeping mice or a passing snake at a pleasant distance.
Most of them just use people to get an extra meal, some of them, like ours :-), become friends.

We enjoy their company, like we enjoy all life around us, and as long as they don't enter our house it's ok.
Following bearth and the growing up of these little "raskals" is pure fun, making us smile every day.

Still not real cat persons (dogs still are our favorites) we share our happy life here with these animals, as much amazed about the beauty of life in the Dalmatinska Zagora as this little white "monster".
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April 22, 2013

they did it (in Hotel Villa Dvor)

Congratulations to Hotel Villa Dvor in Omis,
as they finished an almost impossible job !

They managed to build an elevator through solid rock, and finished it as planned.
(Some other efforts to create tunnels in and around Omis seem to be taking a "bit" longer).

The hotel is on a magnificent location, high above the summer crowds, on a, no...... the most beautiful spot.
High above the Cetina river, overlooking both town and canyon, with no doubt a very friendly owner's family to make your stay a true Dalmatian experience.

Gentle hospitality, organic quality food, excellent rooms, and all of it on this location, what more can a visitor want.

I highly recommend this hotel, run by the Curlin family, in my true opinion the best place to spend a couple of days and nights (if not a long stay).
Have a look at their website (www.hotel-villadvor.hr) and you'll see what I mean.

And in case you wonder: no, I still sleep in Svinisce, and yes I still pay for my espresso, even there !
But I just had to both congratulate the people of the hotel and at the same time let you know there is a magnificent place to stay when visiting Omis.

And forget about those stairs, as they are as much history as the palace of Diocletian in Split.
This is 2013, this is elevator time !
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April 18, 2013

now listen !!!!!!

Listen to me, as I will not tell you again (today :-).
It's about time you understand why I write this blog, so once more:

"Visit the DALMATINSKA ZAGORA when visiting the coast" .

And for those of you who don't know what Dalmatinska Zagora means, it's all that lies behind the coast.
So to say the hinterland, everything between the coast and the border, everything behind the Adriatic and before Bosnia.

Capito ?!?!
I want you to understand this is where the real life is being lived, in all those tiny little villages.
In the very middle of nature, between high and less high mountains, in small valleys and a bit larger peaces of farmland.
Between grapes, olives, cherries, apples, plums, figs, and a wide range of organic vegetables.
With chickens, goats, sheep, ducks and some pigs.

And of course mountains, rocks, boulders, caves, rivers like the Cetina (a beauty of 105 kilometers, not only the canyon), springs, small ponds, woods and wetlands.
Silent unspoiled slow streaming canoe water, but also energetic wild white rafting water.

Numerous birds, nighingales and eagles, known and less known, lizzards, turtles and yes, some snakes too.
Don't be afraid, they don't kill, just be careful and enjoy them from a safe distance.

And if hungry, well known restaurants like Radmanova Mlinice, Kastil Slanica and Krememko, but also less known places like Konoba Tadic and Konoba Konjak (and no doubt a lot more in each and every small town).
Not only the door to door pizza's, but original, tasty fish or meat from the grill, accompanied by organic potatoes and salads, followed by a slice of dripping sweet watermelon.
Want wine, try local, as all wine here is tasty (and strong) !!!

And if you want to buy a horse or a cow, new shoes or some gardening tools, or perhaps because you're hungry, there is a farmers market in Zadvarje every tuesday.

So, when coming to Croatia, heading for Dalmatia, relaxing from a stressfull job between let's say Trogir and Makarska, don't make me angry, don't say "oh, I did'nt know that", as I have told you once again, here in the Dalmatinska Zagora is where the fun starts.

Feel free to contact me, the mail address is in the header of this blog.
I know some truly good people who make your visit the very best, from place to stay to excursion.
Including a visit to Split, Trogir, Krka or Plitvice, but also to less known places, and even over the Bosnian border to Livno, where about twohundred horses live in the wild.

But..........write it down and don't forget:

"visit the Dalmatinska Zagora".

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April 13, 2013

turn left !

No comment (recycling works !).
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don't do this at home

!! Don't do this at home !!
Better do this in Dalmatia, to be specific, on Ciovo.
As coming from Trogir, when driving towards the north-western side of Ciovo,
you'll find our absolutely favorite swimming spot.

Perfectly clear seawater, not to crowded (mainly locals) and one of the better (if not the best) restaurants (konoba in Croatian).

Ask for Konoba Django, everybody knows it overthere, so you can't mistake.
Basic, but excellent, no more no less, and a beautiful location, you'll find out.

And if you are a fish lover, do not leave Dalmatia before you've tried his !
Remember, do not leave before.....

Just DO it.

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daily food

One of the many open air markets in Dalmatia.
This one is in Trogir.
All of it is pure organic food, grown and harvested in small gardens, ripened in the Dalmatian sun.

All year round seasonal vegetables and fruits are being sold.
In winter the offer is limited, from spring till alte autumn however the variation is enormous.

Once you've tasted these tomatoes, peaches, melons or figs, you'll never forget it.
Even the variety of potatoes is amazing, and.........tasteful.

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why wait for summer ????

If spring is such a glorious season in Dalmatia, why wait for summer ?
Don't give me the answer, I know !
Springtime is wonderful overhere.
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FIRE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What to say to a picture like this one ?
Ok, nothing for once.
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April 09, 2013

just in case

Because I am busy, not just a bit, but VERY busy, while I drink my evening coffee, I may as well write the shortest text ever in this blog.

Just in case you plan to visit Dalmatia, and look for some professional help, see www.malimlin.com, as there my good friend and travel companion does a splendid job.

He and I often go around to explore unknown places, being nature, culture or history.
To me it's all just for the fun of it, he however shares his expertise with his clients.

So if you come to Dalmatia, check his office in Omis, as he can and will offer you the very best service, so you have a fantastic holiday.

Rooms, excursions, a car, a good tip, ask Robert, it's his profession, his pride and joy, and....your holiday !!

Coffee empty, back to work.
(Just kidding, all I do is hobby, slavery is history, but I still have many hobbies).
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