April 09, 2013

just in case

Because I am busy, not just a bit, but VERY busy, while I drink my evening coffee, I may as well write the shortest text ever in this blog.

Just in case you plan to visit Dalmatia, and look for some professional help, see www.malimlin.com, as there my good friend and travel companion does a splendid job.

He and I often go around to explore unknown places, being nature, culture or history.
To me it's all just for the fun of it, he however shares his expertise with his clients.

So if you come to Dalmatia, check his office in Omis, as he can and will offer you the very best service, so you have a fantastic holiday.

Rooms, excursions, a car, a good tip, ask Robert, it's his profession, his pride and joy, and....your holiday !!

Coffee empty, back to work.
(Just kidding, all I do is hobby, slavery is history, but I still have many hobbies).
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