June 28, 2012

omis as it was (and mostly is) part 1

beach, sea and people are still there
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June 24, 2012

waiting for news ?

No, I don't have an office, not a cellphone, nor a blackberry, and as you may know I hardly ever open my mailbox, so why bother to inform you anyway.

Still, summer  in Dalmatia came early this year, with temperatures over 30 degrees Celsius in the shadow and the Adriatic at a mild 25 degrees, so all I do is count the steps to the fridge to get me another cold beer, so think it's better to inform you.

If you think "where's the news from the hidden treasure", get up and come for it yourself as without a boss, obligations, targets or stock rates to worry about, you might say I am "out of the office".

Some worth-full/-less tips to you, in case you have to go on holidays and like the sun:
dó come to Croatia but keep going till you reach Omis in Dalmatia.

And remember:
Cold beers grow from all trees here, juicy melons use the land to relax in the sun dreaming of  sugar, and fresh fish and meat are shouting from the grill "help me out of this heat".
Only the grapes are f@cking lazy, hanging out, so order your wine from an earlier year than 2012.
 (Grasevina, Malvasia, Traminac, and many others, getting older they all taste like heaven).

And the Adriatic Sea, that blue miracle and the Cetina River, our clear canyon crusher, they are joining here like they did for hundred thousands of years, one at a mild 25 degrees, the other at a gentle 20 degrees.
So if looking for a change, don't come here, cause here nothing changed ever since.

Forget about being serious, enjoy summer !!!

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June 01, 2012

a small inside bear story

Life's hard for a travelling bear,
but great when it at last retires, having a loving little mother like Beli in the new world.
(Hope it does not drink or smoke thát much anymore).

I, on the other hand, do still smoke and drink, and so is most of Croatia,
still a drinking, smoking country.
Cigarets are fairly cheap here (and even cheaper on the other side of the border in BiH),
and drinking a little "something" is as common as tea (with milk) to an Englishman.

The morning starts of with a small strong home made travarica (herbs) or orahovic(wallnut),
where we Dutch are used to drink our coffee.

On various moments during the day cold beer or wine are usual (not to me, hell no),
most normal at lunchtime, and after a warm heavy day working in the fields, some more will follow.
To me, thát is the moment to share in the pleasure, as during the day I just smoke a few (or more).
But in the evening, when cooking, eating or after it, I do drink a glass (or more).

For those who don't know how to keep their throat wet during sunny summers:
- many good beers are available in Croatia, even import beers like famous Dutch Heineken.
(tip from a Dutchman: use Heineken to clean your glass, thán poor in a true beer).
- wines, red or white there are more than "flies on a horses' droppings",
from a stunning variety of grapes, soils and micro climates.
- a variety of excellent waters, from Jamnica to Radenska, all very tasty !
and of course:
- CC, P, and many other international softdrink giants called .....cola.

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