December 28, 2014

it's not as white as usual in December

We did not get a White Christmas, and even today, with heavy snow inland, only Mosor Mountains are white.

Which is a good thing, as looking at it is much better than being in it.
And we know what it feels like to be isolated in a winter wonderland.

These days everybody is talking about climate change.
Warmer or even colder is a matter of how scientists look at it.
I am convinced there ís a change happening,
only I am not sure whát change.

Last summer was pretty wet, after a mild winter.
Result: grapes and olives had a lot of problems from bugs.
Result: very poor crops.
Result: high prices.

Prognosis were warning for dangerous weather conditions,
with heavy snow.
Thank heaven we only had lots of rain last night,
but Mosor Mountains are all white, and no doubt Biokovo will be the same, only with a lót more snow higher up.

Sorry but no actual pictures yet, as my camera is having a problem.
The clever one however can find them on the internet :-)

Now let's hope the climate ís changing,
cause winter is nice, but spring in Dalmatia is gréat.

December 24, 2014

It's Christmas again, the 2014th and counting.

(Please click to enlarge).

Yes folks, it's the 2014th Christmas.

And however not a church going person myself, 
for so many people round the world it's a magic moment.

A good moment to reflect, and to count your blessings.
Also a fine moment to join around the table,
as that's where family members and friends meet.

A nice smelling Christmas tree, some presents perhaps,
a couple of carols, and a special dinner.
It might even snow, but please not to much this time :-)

A new year already knocking on the door,
the longest night already passed,
and before you know it,  it's springtime again.

All of it seems to come and go, just like that.
Don't take it all for granted, these áre precious moments.

Wish you a white, warm, peaceful Christmas.

December 19, 2014

so my wife asked for a húge tree

Ok honey, now where to put it ?

Just a couple of days, but better now than to late;

Merry Christmas everybody.

December 15, 2014

ok, I lost................(and I am an idiot now too).

 A lot of work, tired as hell, prepare and have dinner (yes I cook too),
and than lay back watching tv.
Forget it !

As we smoke, but don't smoke in the living room, I get myself a cup of coffee and a smoke, and sit where I can sit,
drink, write ánd smoke at the same time.

What's that with writing people, who either smoke or drink.
Góód question, but sorry, no answer this time.
(Don't worry, I am a modest drinker.)

Anyway, here I am, and if searching well,
you might find me on Facebook now.
It took me a lot of time before I shared that "basic need", but I did.
So ok, I lost, and now I am one of the billions of idiots on FB.
See below for some statistics.

The good thing of FB is that we offer nearly 7.000 people a job.
(And bring in a lot of money).

Do I become friends with everybody, the blunt answer is NO !
But as I don't allow comments on my blog, and only some of you discovered my email address (in the header of my blog, you silly goats), you can now (try to) connect to me through FB.

During winter the chance of communicating with me is (slightly) bigger,
as soon as spring starts, I have other obligations, hobbies, jobs, so by than I ignore anything that spoils the fun of living here.
(Including sharing with you some details about the hidden secrets of Dalmatia.)

By than I might even erase my entire FB-appearance.
In the meantime, I'll (try to) avoid watching TV.
And than FB is a reasonable alternative.
But ónly thán.

December 11, 2014

so you think you've seen it all............

So you think you've seen it all,
than think again, till you've seen Modris.

If looking for noise, sorry, we haven't.
And if looking for skyscrapers or jammed highways, sorry again.
Even when looking for gold, oil, diamonds, big money, sorry, so sorry.

....if looking for clean air, silence, good people, pure nature, quality food, and a most beautiful, or better, a fántástic view, 
well.......thán come to Modris !

But..., but how far is it than ?
Góód question, it isn't far at áll.

Leave Zagreb, head for Split, continue to Omis, turn left over the bridge, follow the Cetina towards Kucice, but....turn right the very first road, up the mountain and continue till......
.....till you see a blue sign with Modris on it.

Turn right and again you continue, it's not that far anymore.
It's not a highway, so slow down a bit to let other cars pass.

And there you are, so stop, get out, turn around and look.
I said lóók, because than you see what makes Modris unique.

An open view, from left to right.
From Omiska Dinara on the left to Mosor Mountains far right.

Now you understand.
Now you knów why people living here néver ever leave.
And why those who left during the industrial revolution are returning.

Don't worry, we've got water, electricity, internet, and móst of all, we've got life, real life, traditional but modern life.
People here produce their own olive oil, wine, meat, eggs, fruits, vegetables and potatoes, and if anything else is needed, well.....'s five (!!!!) minutes down again, to the impressive Cetina Canyon, 
another five to the Adriatic Sea and shops in Omis, 
and half an hour to Split.

So come and experience Modris, so at last you can say:
"I've seen it all".

Listen to: Hotel California

Last thing I remember
I was running for the door
I had to find the passage back
To the place I was before
"Relax", said the night man
"We are programmed to receive.
You can check out any time you like,
But you can never leave".

So, coming from Holland, having been to many countries, 
including the USA, I can and dó say I've seen it all, 
but Modris beats them all, by fár.
And I will néver leave :-)

December 10, 2014

the day after

After bád news always comes góód news.

I was reading about an initiative to combine growing vegetables with producing energy.
And since I desperately needed some positive news,
I continued reading, and hope you do likewise.
Hope you do too, as we all need some good news sometimes.

(Use Google Translate to get the idea)

The principle is simple,
you build a glasshouse to grow vegetables, 
and at the same time use the roof space to produce electricity.
To say it in simple words, that's a win/win/win situation.
(Vegetables, electricity, less pollution.)

My compliments to those people in Slatine.

Yes Omis, there is always góód news in Croatia too.

And remember December 9, 2014

December 09, 2014

nó politics on my blog

I promised myself nót to blog about politics.
So I WÓN'T !

But, dear people of Omis, dó remember this day, December 9, 2014.

A famous president of the United States of America once said:

"For I can assure you that we love our country,
not for what it was, 
though it has always been great,
not for what it is, 
though of this we are deeply proud,
but for what it someday can, 
and through the efforts of all,
someday will be".

John F. Kennedy, February 13, 1961.

Omiš, Tuesday, December 9, 2014

December 08, 2014

it's gonne be a white, white............tomorrow

The good thing of living here (ten minutes from Omis, thirty from Split and fortyfive from Biokovo ),
is that one does not have to dream of a white Christmas.

The reason is simple, as even though temperatures at the coast may be mild to those palm trees and coffee sipping locals and visitors (and they are the clever ones !), 
at the very same moment snow is changing Biokovo's summit
into winter wonder land.

As shown in the picture, at the top, called Sveti Jure, there is already enough snow to create a winter dream.

To bad I still haven't time to go myself, maybe this weekend, but as soon as I can I'll definitely give it a try.
As this is one of the reasons I love it here, combining clear blue Adriatic ánd  freezing cold white winter weather on Biokovo.

And before you think I'll drive all the way up, nope, I don't, as my car is a two wheel Opel, and I don't want to wait till spring to get it back.
As now it's a bit of snow, but that may change from hour to hour, and thán you wish you'd not even thought of driving to the very top.

So if I inspired you, and you are in the position to go up the mountain, don't play roulette as weather may change véry rapidly there !!!!
biokovo blizzard

Ask someone with a four wheel jeep with proper tires, snow chains and some good old rakija in case nothing helped you going down again.

And besides, Biokovo is stunning everywhere, so come and go,
up, up and away.
Ahhh, before I forget, I usually finish such a trip having an espresso and some delicious !!! cake at Kavana Romana in Makarska.

Some guys have all the luck :-)

December 07, 2014

Dear Santa, can I get this book, please......

To comfort you straight away, this book is also available in English.
It's than called:
Excursions from Split-the Split Riviera and Hinterland.
( isbn 978-953-7527-26-6 )
I bought it in a friendly bookstore on Vocni Trg in Split,
which is a couple of steps from the Riva.
Price 70 kuna.

That's for the "technical" information, now let's tell you why I simply hád to have it, even before Santa was coming to town.

It does exáctly what it should, it takes you away from Split, into the surroundings and into the Dalmatian Hinterland (Dalmatinska Zagora).

And before you think "oh dear", all of these trips take you less than an hour, and no, you don't have to take your Bentley out of the garage,
as they are all doable by bus.

What makes it so damned interesting, is that it takes you to many places tourists hardly know, but shóuld know !

Let's pick one page (104) where Radosic is shown.
Just 30 kilometres from Split, behind Mount Kozjak,
 you're in the middle of typical inland Dalmatia.
The book describes a variety of nice hikes, the remains of an Illyrian hill fortress, and a couple more things like caves and pits, cisterns and of course plenty of  unspoiled nature.
The area is designated as high value landscape and historic entity.
But most of all, it's famous for it's yearly BIKIJADE.

On the last Sunday of May the Countryside Olympics and Bull Duels are held, and believe me, if you want to experience Inland Dalmatia, thát's the day ! 
Look here: Bikijade Radosic

Should you not be here on this specific day, don't worry, as during summer in many villages are held Countryside Olympics.
Even better, any other day is a perfect day, as than you'll experience the ultimate feeling of Inland Dalmatia.
Quiet, pure, natural, with mány abandoned villages,
showing life never was easy here, but always unique.
And I, or you, guided by this fantastic little book, can get a perfect impression of  what Dalmacija really is about.

Still plenty of time to relax at the Adriatic, and enjoy a great holiday.
Cheers, Zivio, Zivila, Zivali, to life !

Other than those horrible bull fights in Spain, no bull gets hurts, perhaps an ego here or there.