December 08, 2014

it's gonne be a white, white............tomorrow

The good thing of living here (ten minutes from Omis, thirty from Split and fortyfive from Biokovo ),
is that one does not have to dream of a white Christmas.

The reason is simple, as even though temperatures at the coast may be mild to those palm trees and coffee sipping locals and visitors (and they are the clever ones !), 
at the very same moment snow is changing Biokovo's summit
into winter wonder land.

As shown in the picture, at the top, called Sveti Jure, there is already enough snow to create a winter dream.

To bad I still haven't time to go myself, maybe this weekend, but as soon as I can I'll definitely give it a try.
As this is one of the reasons I love it here, combining clear blue Adriatic ánd  freezing cold white winter weather on Biokovo.

And before you think I'll drive all the way up, nope, I don't, as my car is a two wheel Opel, and I don't want to wait till spring to get it back.
As now it's a bit of snow, but that may change from hour to hour, and thán you wish you'd not even thought of driving to the very top.

So if I inspired you, and you are in the position to go up the mountain, don't play roulette as weather may change véry rapidly there !!!!
biokovo blizzard

Ask someone with a four wheel jeep with proper tires, snow chains and some good old rakija in case nothing helped you going down again.

And besides, Biokovo is stunning everywhere, so come and go,
up, up and away.
Ahhh, before I forget, I usually finish such a trip having an espresso and some delicious !!! cake at Kavana Romana in Makarska.

Some guys have all the luck :-)