December 07, 2014

Dear Santa, can I get this book, please......

To comfort you straight away, this book is also available in English.
It's than called:
Excursions from Split-the Split Riviera and Hinterland.
( isbn 978-953-7527-26-6 )
I bought it in a friendly bookstore on Vocni Trg in Split,
which is a couple of steps from the Riva.
Price 70 kuna.

That's for the "technical" information, now let's tell you why I simply hád to have it, even before Santa was coming to town.

It does exáctly what it should, it takes you away from Split, into the surroundings and into the Dalmatian Hinterland (Dalmatinska Zagora).

And before you think "oh dear", all of these trips take you less than an hour, and no, you don't have to take your Bentley out of the garage,
as they are all doable by bus.

What makes it so damned interesting, is that it takes you to many places tourists hardly know, but shóuld know !

Let's pick one page (104) where Radosic is shown.
Just 30 kilometres from Split, behind Mount Kozjak,
 you're in the middle of typical inland Dalmatia.
The book describes a variety of nice hikes, the remains of an Illyrian hill fortress, and a couple more things like caves and pits, cisterns and of course plenty of  unspoiled nature.
The area is designated as high value landscape and historic entity.
But most of all, it's famous for it's yearly BIKIJADE.

On the last Sunday of May the Countryside Olympics and Bull Duels are held, and believe me, if you want to experience Inland Dalmatia, thát's the day ! 
Look here: Bikijade Radosic

Should you not be here on this specific day, don't worry, as during summer in many villages are held Countryside Olympics.
Even better, any other day is a perfect day, as than you'll experience the ultimate feeling of Inland Dalmatia.
Quiet, pure, natural, with mány abandoned villages,
showing life never was easy here, but always unique.
And I, or you, guided by this fantastic little book, can get a perfect impression of  what Dalmacija really is about.

Still plenty of time to relax at the Adriatic, and enjoy a great holiday.
Cheers, Zivio, Zivila, Zivali, to life !

Other than those horrible bull fights in Spain, no bull gets hurts, perhaps an ego here or there.