January 23, 2015

shit happens, even in Dalmatia

So there I was, lying in a Dalmatian hospital in Split.
As that was the only safe place for me, having a severe pneumonia.

Being a bit ignorant ánd stubborn, I ignored all signs my body was giving me, so after a week or so with "minor" inconveniences and a rising temperature, the point of no return was reached.
Whatever you may think of nice, pleasantly warm Dalmatia,
a body temperature of 40 C. is a bit high indeed.

So there I went, from first aid (hitno pomoc) to hospital (bolnica),
with all care and medication one can wish for.

I've seen more doctors, nurses, assistant nurses and additional staff at, over and even under my bed these two weeks,
 than in all of my previous life.
(The "under"-part was the daily cleaning job, 
keeping the room as sterile as possible).

To tell you in short, doctors and specialists in Splits hospital are excellent, as are the nurses.
Most of them even speak some (or even some more) English or German, so don't worry you loose the wrong leg.
(Which is a blessing for a Dutchman in a Croatian hospital).

But even thán, communicating under "less common" conditions,
ánd the lack of experience in foreign hospitals, is prone to lead to some miscommunications.
Which I must admit, did happen, however it was only at the point that I thought I was declared fit to leave the hospital,
and (thought I) understood the procedures.
Wróng, as this still is Croatia, with loads of (necessairy ???) paperwork.

So I hope I did not offend some doctors with my typical "let's gó" Dutch behaviour, as they did cure my illness in a highly professional way, while I sneaked out of hospital in a somewhat less Croatian style.
(As when I heard I was cured and fit to leave I did not have the patience to wait another uncertain amount of time
for the traditional truckload of paper).

Understanding or misunderstanding, I was extrémely happy to be home in Svinisce again, healthy as an (old) horse,
thanks to all medical staff in KBC Split.
And that pile of paper, it seems I have to pick it up as soon as possible, which I will do of course.

So should you, as shit happens to others too, land in hospital here,
be absolutely sure you get all necessairy high standard medical care.

And a load of paper as a bonus :-)

January 01, 2015

old picture, new year

Leaving an old year behind, heading for a new one.
Whatever you may think, 2014 was a year to remember, 
and in another 365 days also 2015 is history.

Let's wish 2015 is worth to remember, 
as good things are worth it.

On the picture a woman and a vehicle to never forget.
Happy New Year.

(Brigitte Bardot and a Solex).