July 18, 2008

blues to start the day with

Why not start your day with the blues.
Most people dream of a white Christmas.
Not me, as however I like those snowy days in winter, I prefer the blues of summer.
And as I live in the Netherlands, not having the most blue coastal waters nor skies,
overlooking this blue Croatian coastal picture starting up my pc keeps me happy.

To help you a bit putting it into your mindmap, this view shows after only a fifteen minutes drive from our little hideaway close behind the city of Omis in Croatia.

From our little quiet valley, we drive to the right, and after a bit of zigzagging up the mountainridge, this magnificant view shows.

Driving down to the coast, one can choose to go to the left along the coast, heading for Makarska and its Riviera in about fifteen minutes, or to the right, taking you along that same coastal road with one great swimmingspot after another, to the city of Omis in also about fifteen minutes.
Which, entering along the Cetina Canyon at your right, brings you in a ten minutes drive back to where you started, being our little treasure.
So if you like the summerblues, just come and get it.
Or else, get the picture onto your computerscreen like I did.

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