January 09, 2011

with or without a bike, a great website

Scrolling the internet for interesting information about Croatia, I found a beauty I like to share with you.

Regular visitors of this blog know it's about our life in Svinisce, but not only that.

Even more important is that I want you to feel what we feel, in the middle of a fantastic country, where nature is amazingly pure and breathtaking.

And again and again I tell everybody with ears, eyes and a heart to enjoy the Adriatic, as for sure the coast is fantastic to spend time during holidays, but.......

BUT......to get the real feeling of Croatia, you'll have to leave the beach at least one time, as once you get to know what's behind the coastal mountains, you're addicted.
As when you get up and going, Croatia is so much more, so much you should experience, at least once !

Try a visit to www.takeadventure.com as it's a perfect introduction to the most fantastic sceneries.
The website is in English (and Croatian), produced by a mountainbiker called Miroslav, and of superior quality for sure.

It's people like him who open my eyes and heart time after time, and while I discover my own bit of Dalmatia, they lead me into new perspectives, locations, panorama's and the best information about all the natural beauty of Croatia, Dalmatia and its Zagora (the hinterland).

An amazing country indeed, that grabs you by the balls (if you have them), as with or without, it gets to your heart, once you get to know it a bit better.

Go go go, go and get the real feeling, just behind the Adriatic coast.
(And for mountainbikers, you could'nt find a better guide !)

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