February 26, 2015

Biokovo, a year round beauty

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Biokovo (nature park) is the largest and highest mountain in Dalmatia (Croatia).
It rises vertically from the Adriatic Coast to height of 1762 m. 
Because of it’s geographical position, 
Biokovo is a mountain that has continental as well as Mediterranean climate, 
so various plant species of both worlds meet and live next to each other. 
There are lot of caves and pits around Biokovo and very often one can meet wild mouflons, wild goats as well as various bird species, wild boars, wolves, snakes, foxes, etc.
Some migrating bears seem to have been spotted, but that's still not confirmed.
The views from Biokovo are spectacular, on the clear day one can see a number of Dalmatian islands as well as large part of Dalmatian coast to the south, and to the north, towns of Vrgorac and Imotski and their surrounding villages.

Sometimes, on exceptionally clear days, 
it’s even possible to see Monte Gargano's peak in Italy, more than 200 km away.
The coastal town of Makarska, that lies on the very south edge of Biokovo is seen from Biokovo as an amazing bay with tiny little houses placed in the rows around it.
The nature park Biokovo dominating above Makarska Riviera, 
is the good destination for botanists as well as walkers and cyclists. 
The beauty of Biokovo has always attracted explorers and visitors 
and you are likely to be thrilled too. 
There are over thirty marked trails leading up the mountain on the seaward side 
and eight on the landward side. 
On your way up, you will pass ancient villages on the foothills of the magnificent rocky mountain: Gornja Brela, Topici, Bast, Veliko Brdo, Makar, Kotisina, Gornje Tucepi, 
Gornja Podgora and Gornje Igrane on the seaward side, and Kozica, Rascane, Zupa, Biokovsko Selo, Rastovac, Zagvozd and Zadvarje on the north side of the mountainrange. 

A main hiking trail transverses the mountain - 
the Biokovo Mountain Trail with its twenty control points. 
However, one should not forget that Biokovo deserves full respect 
and therefore should be well prepared for the ascent. 
The weather conditions can change in a moment, no surface water !!! is to be found 
and any deviation from the marked trail entails some risk. 
Hiking boots, backpack, spare clothing, raincoat, drinking water, 
some food and a good map of the Park are items you will surely need. 
Climbing the steepest ascent in Croatian mountains at dawn, 
you will be surprised to learn that the people of Biokovo once used the same trails to carry hay and potatoes or drive their livestock to pasture. 
And before freezers existed, ice from deep inside the northern caves was harvested 
and transported down to the coast.

Biokovo is a mountain that one can visit either by car or bicycle as well as on foot from various parts of Adriatic coast and Makarska Riviera.
Best is to go early, as temperatures on the coastal slopes can get pretty high.
Still, Biokovo is a year round spectacular experience, 
especially when leaving the main road.

February 19, 2015

I'll be back next spring

Some of you may think "where's the news".
Some others may think "what's up".

No big deal, but I was in hospital with a serious pneumonia,
my camera is out of order (so, no pictures), 
the weather still a bit "refreshing,"
and a trillion things to do in our house.

All in all enough reasons to say:

"I'll be back next spring".

February 04, 2015

feeding fish...............hélp !!!!!!!

Scrolling for some details about a route from Split to Prozor-Rama,
(which I found).
I also stumbled over this truly amazing picture.

Not sure you'll find this fish nor the bird, you'll be surprised about all other natural beauty.
I can tell you a trip into Bosnia-Herzegovina is absolutely worth a day (or even more).

Reason I was looking for some details is that this trip also for me is a treat, and it's always worth it to discover hidden gems.
Which there are, in for instance Grabovice !!

Driving inland, towards ánd crossing the border (no big deal), brings me to a completely different scenery, as B.Herzegovina ís different,
ánd absolutely véry beautifull.

It's hard to explain hów beautifull, but do like I did, scroll the website below, and plan a trip crossing the border, and you'll understand why I frequently drive it.

Many details, in English, can be found at: