February 04, 2015

feeding fish...............hélp !!!!!!!

Scrolling for some details about a route from Split to Prozor-Rama,
(which I found).
I also stumbled over this truly amazing picture.

Not sure you'll find this fish nor the bird, you'll be surprised about all other natural beauty.
I can tell you a trip into Bosnia-Herzegovina is absolutely worth a day (or even more).

Reason I was looking for some details is that this trip also for me is a treat, and it's always worth it to discover hidden gems.
Which there are, in for instance Grabovice !!

Driving inland, towards ánd crossing the border (no big deal), brings me to a completely different scenery, as B.Herzegovina ís different,
ánd absolutely véry beautifull.

It's hard to explain hów beautifull, but do like I did, scroll the website below, and plan a trip crossing the border, and you'll understand why I frequently drive it.

Many details, in English, can be found at: