March 20, 2008

lazy bastards

Get up, you lazy bastards, get up and get going.
Only a ten minutes drive from those sunbaked beaches of Omis lies a most beautifull canyon.
This is the land where some of the films of Winnetou where filmed, so NOT in the USA as we now know.
Here the river is carving this rocky canyon, and because of those high canyonwalls the scenery is not only breathtaking, but offering shade from the summerheat.

Cetina river comes from the inlands, first gently touching a timeless landscape, than turning back, cutting deep through the rock.
And apart from a couple of dams taking care of all our electricity, its free as it floats to the sea.

A joy for naturelovers (all year), a delight for swimmers (in summer).
Most of the year its to cold, but after spring turns into summer this cristalclear river is not only the stream that plays with rafters, it's a great place to be at its numerous little sandy beaches,
partially in the shade, sunny in most places.

Like to go fishing for trouts, take care of a permit first, and if you don't like fishing but do like trout, take a seat at Mlinice or Slanica restaurant, the terraces at the waterside are most enjoyable places to have a drink and a traditional meal with trout from the grill.

Slanica used to be a tradepost for salt, Mlinice being an old milling place, both less than a ten minutes drive from Omis (and another ten to our little place), with lots of space under huge trees, keeping you shaded under the summersun.

And don't be surprised if you see a turtle, as they do live here too (they say but I still did not see).

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