December 15, 2014

ok, I lost................(and I am an idiot now too).

 A lot of work, tired as hell, prepare and have dinner (yes I cook too),
and than lay back watching tv.
Forget it !

As we smoke, but don't smoke in the living room, I get myself a cup of coffee and a smoke, and sit where I can sit,
drink, write ánd smoke at the same time.

What's that with writing people, who either smoke or drink.
Góód question, but sorry, no answer this time.
(Don't worry, I am a modest drinker.)

Anyway, here I am, and if searching well,
you might find me on Facebook now.
It took me a lot of time before I shared that "basic need", but I did.
So ok, I lost, and now I am one of the billions of idiots on FB.
See below for some statistics.

The good thing of FB is that we offer nearly 7.000 people a job.
(And bring in a lot of money).

Do I become friends with everybody, the blunt answer is NO !
But as I don't allow comments on my blog, and only some of you discovered my email address (in the header of my blog, you silly goats), you can now (try to) connect to me through FB.

During winter the chance of communicating with me is (slightly) bigger,
as soon as spring starts, I have other obligations, hobbies, jobs, so by than I ignore anything that spoils the fun of living here.
(Including sharing with you some details about the hidden secrets of Dalmatia.)

By than I might even erase my entire FB-appearance.
In the meantime, I'll (try to) avoid watching TV.
And than FB is a reasonable alternative.
But ónly thán.