December 24, 2014

It's Christmas again, the 2014th and counting.

(Please click to enlarge).

Yes folks, it's the 2014th Christmas.

And however not a church going person myself, 
for so many people round the world it's a magic moment.

A good moment to reflect, and to count your blessings.
Also a fine moment to join around the table,
as that's where family members and friends meet.

A nice smelling Christmas tree, some presents perhaps,
a couple of carols, and a special dinner.
It might even snow, but please not to much this time :-)

A new year already knocking on the door,
the longest night already passed,
and before you know it,  it's springtime again.

All of it seems to come and go, just like that.
Don't take it all for granted, these áre precious moments.

Wish you a white, warm, peaceful Christmas.