December 11, 2014

so you think you've seen it all............

So you think you've seen it all,
than think again, till you've seen Modris.

If looking for noise, sorry, we haven't.
And if looking for skyscrapers or jammed highways, sorry again.
Even when looking for gold, oil, diamonds, big money, sorry, so sorry.

....if looking for clean air, silence, good people, pure nature, quality food, and a most beautiful, or better, a fántástic view, 
well.......thán come to Modris !

But..., but how far is it than ?
Góód question, it isn't far at áll.

Leave Zagreb, head for Split, continue to Omis, turn left over the bridge, follow the Cetina towards Kucice, but....turn right the very first road, up the mountain and continue till......
.....till you see a blue sign with Modris on it.

Turn right and again you continue, it's not that far anymore.
It's not a highway, so slow down a bit to let other cars pass.

And there you are, so stop, get out, turn around and look.
I said lóók, because than you see what makes Modris unique.

An open view, from left to right.
From Omiska Dinara on the left to Mosor Mountains far right.

Now you understand.
Now you knów why people living here néver ever leave.
And why those who left during the industrial revolution are returning.

Don't worry, we've got water, electricity, internet, and móst of all, we've got life, real life, traditional but modern life.
People here produce their own olive oil, wine, meat, eggs, fruits, vegetables and potatoes, and if anything else is needed, well.....'s five (!!!!) minutes down again, to the impressive Cetina Canyon, 
another five to the Adriatic Sea and shops in Omis, 
and half an hour to Split.

So come and experience Modris, so at last you can say:
"I've seen it all".

Listen to: Hotel California

Last thing I remember
I was running for the door
I had to find the passage back
To the place I was before
"Relax", said the night man
"We are programmed to receive.
You can check out any time you like,
But you can never leave".

So, coming from Holland, having been to many countries, 
including the USA, I can and dó say I've seen it all, 
but Modris beats them all, by fár.
And I will néver leave :-)