November 26, 2014

Potravlje pottery, the way it was made for ages.

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Potravlje, the blue dot on the map, 
hides one of the many hardly known secrets of Inland Dalmatia.

As here, near the town of Sinj, Cetina River and Lake Perusko, 
an ancient pottery technique has survived for ages.

Still a couple of craftsmen produce lids and pots the traditional way.
Not machine powered, but pure craftsmanship, hand shaped and decorated, which makes each example unique.

One might even have it's own text on it.
But be aware the spelling is correctly understood :-) 

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Click for short videos on Youtube (bóth highly interesting):

As seen on the picture there is a variety of shapes, one shape however needs special attention, as it's used to make the most appreciated dish called peka.

With meat, poultry or octopus plus potatoes, onions and peppers, it's a great traditional dish, grilled under such a lid, prepared on a traditional wood fire.

I tried to make it myself a couple of times, but believe me, to get and keep the right temperature ain't that easy. 
Better order it (in time) in one of the many traditional konoba's (traditional restaurants) where they know how to prepare it.
(Also the same lid is used to bake a traditional bread).

And once you've tasted this dish, 
you might want to buy your own peka lid.
If so, Potravlje is the place to go.

And since you are there (about half an hour from Split), drive to Perusko Lake, Sinj, Cetina River or Dinara Mountains.
If you have a bit more time, drive to Trilj, and than towards Grab, where a unique watermill is absolutely worth a visit.
Won't tell you more, but the place is AMAZING !

And íf you bought yourself a lid, 
get some of the flour this mill has been milling for centuries. 
You'll be tasting a bread like you've never ever tasted before in your life.

Yes, first you'll have to learn how to bake it.
But aren't we all willing to learn.