November 07, 2014

getting wet for fun

Thanks to the brave photographer of Slobodna Dalmacija today, 
I can share this picture with you.

Here's the link to their newspaper:

At the very moment it's stormy, rainy weather here, but that's nothing compared to the current conditions at the coast,
or in Italy for that matter.

Roads closed, ferries stopped, and I guess even the seaplanes from stay inside.
Only military helicopters still fly under these conditions, taking a pregnant woman from Hvar to Split's hospital.

A stormy weather system called Benjamin is passing over Southern Europe, so anybody with just a tiny bit of brains stays inside.
Except......except the man on the picture, and looking at the way he behaves, even he seems to have a moment of doubt.

Yes, clearly the long lasting Indian Summer is over now.
But the good news (there is always some good news)
is that Benjamin is leaving our region.
Thank heaven it was Benjamin, and not his big brother :-)

Sunday, monday, tuesday the forcast promises*) fairly pleasant weather, so one of those days even I might go out,
without getting wet.

Used to grey Dutch weather conditions, where the rain never seems to stop, our Dalmatian weather is a blessing.
Ok, except today than :-)
Still, thanks to Slobodna Dalmacija, pictures like these are great.

*) Never trust a weatherman, they are even worse than politicians.