November 18, 2014

if there is no news, any news will do

(A new Olympic sport, man throwing)

Specially for those who have seen it all,
been everywhere, experienced everything (or at least think so).
Until............. you discover Svinisce,
as thán you realise you've seen nothing yet.

What to do when there is nothing to share about our life in Svinisce ?
Become a member of Facebook.

So I did, after long lasting hesitation, objection, dislike.
And must admit, it's fun, until it becomes a time consuming thing.

So DÓN'T try to become friends with me, at least not on Facebook,
as I still have some other hobbies and jobs to like.

Nevertheless, it's fun and finding this picture made me laugh a lot.
To respect the "owner", his rights and/or his temper, here it was:

So, sorry for those who think there is always something interesting happening in our hidden valley.
No, some days are just "another day", where everybody is either
working or resting, dreaming or facing reality.

So I became member of Facebook.
For those who really know me, thát is news !

Till next item than.