November 06, 2014

Dalmatia, and sharing our love for it.

Don't worry, this blog will continue to be my first choice. 
But the world being bigger than this blog, 
I decided to share some of my local experience on Trip Advisor too.

If you like to see what I wrote there, click on the link below:

As there I commented and/or wrote some items 
that make your choice from the unlimited amount of  places in our area a bit easier, some of them not known at all, 
until I wrote about them.
You won't find tourist traps or clichés in my pages, that's for sure !

So on Trip Advisor, being the ideal platform to share my local knowledge, I'll add a couple more special places and/or areas, which to my best knowledge are worth to be on your bucket list when visiting the surroundings of Omis. 

Once again, I only do these things because we love it here, 
with no strings attached.
So should I write or comment about some place, location or restaurant, I only give you my personal unbiased impression, being the local I am.

As sharing the fun still is the greatest fun, 
and all I want is to let people like you know:
Dalmatia is múch more than only a beautiful coast.