November 09, 2014

Advent Riva Split

November slipping away, some rain, some sun,
but still very pleasant temperatures.
The summer crowds have gone home now,
so good old Split belongs again to it's own citizens, 
including those tourists who discovered it's a nice town, all year round.

And Split, like any other big city, is getting in the mood for December,
decorated with stars, snow flakes and candles.

And at the Riva, Split's famous boulevard under palmtrees at the Adriatic, little white houses are being built, where typical Dalmatian winter specialities are presented and/or sold.

I found a special video, in time laps on Youtube, I simply had to share.
Have a look, here it is:

The pictures reminded me of a famous time laps film in 1982, 
called Koyaanisqatsi, with music by Philip Glass.

Hope you like it, and don't worry, 
people in Split are normally not moving as fast as seen in the video, 
especially not during this time of year :-).

So if you like a more relaxed atmosphere, why not hop over,
from wherever you read this.