November 25, 2014

Dalmatia, gó and discóver Inland Dalmatia !

Today I "stumbled" over an éxcellent new promotion video showing Inland Dalmatia.
In about three minutes you get an impression why I/we love it here.

I took this picture from Google Maps to give you an idea of the possibilities, all of it very reachable by car, motor, bus or bike.
(Walking might take a bit longer than one hour)

With Split in the South Centre of it all and at the Adriatic coast,
it takes you LESS than an HOUR to discover the inland.

But why use many words this time, as there is now a great video:
Clicke here:

Inland Dalmatia

And remember, it's just a couple of examples,
a couple of the mány hidden gems of Dalmatia's inland.
Perfectly combinable with a beach holiday at the Adriatic,
and the ultimate way to get the real feeling of Dalmatia.

One warning !
Once you discover what we've already discovered,
you might end like we did, living in it, ten minutes from the Adriatic,
with áll the very best of both worlds.

Not a bad idea, if not the bést idea ever.