November 11, 2014

Zadvardje, Tuesday bazaar

Zadvardje's Tuesday Bazaar.
It's worth to put on your bucket list !

Every Tuesday, all year round, but certainly in summer, 
there is a market in Zadvadje.

If staying let's say between Split and Makarska, it's easy to get there.
Between those two cities there is a road going up towards Zadvardje, Sestanovac and the highway, you simply can't miss it.

Get up early, as the earlier the more you'll see.
Here they sell whatever you (may not) need, from donkeys, cows, fruits, vegetables, cheese, and a lot more.
Some even try to sell their mother in law :-)

The bést however, is the grilled lamb or pig, 
as those two are mouth watering !
You tell what part or how much you want, than step back, as they portion the meat with a kitchen axe, so juices are splashing around.
Our personal favourite is the young pig, straight from the grill, and it's crispy skin is worth killing for (which they already did for you).

Like I said, you order and pay, than take your portion to the terrace next to it, find yourself a free table and sit down.
The waitress will give you a dish, bread and spring onions, and cutlery, but those you don't need, as it's perfectly normal to use your hands.
Of course you get a serviette too, don't worry. 

Having such an absolutely delicious early lunch or late breakfast is a thing you won't easily forget !
Accompanied by a glass of local wine (or mineral water) 
your Dalmatian day get's thé perfect start.

Waiting for a new owner.

Don't stand to close.

Tools in every shape and size.

Once a month there is also a big market (bazaar) near Benkovac, but to be honest, our's in Zadvarje is much more pleasant.
And besides, it's not as far as Benkovac.

After visiting the market, you can go for a look into the deepest part of the Cetina Canyon, or return to the coast (with a stunning panorama), and go for a lazy swim.
If so, turn right direction Omis, and after about fifteen minutes you'll see a sign called Brzet on your left.
Turn left here, drive on till you see the restaurant Zvizdan down right.

As you already had an early lunch, ignore the restaurant and head straight for the beach.
It's a perfect place to be lazy, and once you get hungry again, you can sit at the terrace and order whatever you like.

Don't leave to soon, as later in the afternoon/early evening it's a fantastic place, seeing the sun go down over Omis.
And......but no guaranty, you might see some dolphins too.

So again, you know now why we live here :-)