November 12, 2014

Budweiser vs. BUD, a good reason to visit Croatia

How does a blog page get born ?
Well, here's how.

Once in a while I have email contact with a Belgian guy called Eddy, who is like us a big fan of Dalmacija.

Recently he wrote me he took a box of Karlovacko beer all the way back home to Belgium.
Nothing wrong with that, as he can sit back, open a bottle, close his eyes and dream back to another great holiday in Dalmatia.

Than I realised I had a beer story in mind, so better put it on "paper".
First of all, there are a couple of big national breweries in Croatia, and they sell a lot of it.
In the middle of building some extra space to our modest house, we see a lot of workers, and most of them have beer when I still have my first, second or third coffee.
Must be their sunny climate, and my Dutch habits :-)

But let's put a couple of the biggest breweries in a row:
Karlovacko (owned by Heineken)
Ozusjko (owned by Inbev)
Kaltenberg ( owned by HRH Prinz Luitpold von Bayern ?)

And than there are a couple others, fighting for a market share:
Jupiler, Heineken, Bavaria and many others.

But (no, I don't mean BUD)......
my absolute favourite is Budweiser !
Ho there........., before you think I drink American beer, hell no.
As American beer is like American coffee, so forget about that.

No, this Budweiser is the original from the Czech Republic, and that's a perfect reason to visit Croatia :-).
Simply said, because that makes a HUGE difference.
For details, see:

As despite many legal fights between those big Americans and "tiny" original Budweiser here in Croatia it's Budweiser and nót Bud.

And thank heaven we've got Budweiser, the original Budweiser, 
the one and only true Budweiser.
And not only the blond version, but also a dark one.
One for summer, one for winter so to say.

Tasty, refreshing, a mild little bitter, and a pleasure to drink.

Cheers, or to say it in Croatian:
Zjivio (if saying cheers to one man)
Zjivila (to a single lady)
Zjivali (to a group of man, women, mixed).

And Eddy, thanks for the inspiration. question remains:
How dare you take Karlovacko to Belgium, to beer drinkers paradise :-)

There is only óne good reason to order a Heineken:
When you have to clean your glass before you fill it with béér).
And I am allowed to say so, coming from Holland.