November 19, 2014

oil from the Adriatic ,don't say you didn't know !

Come one friends, come on and say NO before it's to late.

YOU, I, WE all love the Adriatic, but for how long ?
Those oil drilling plans are UTTERLY STUPID
as they may destroy the móst beautiful coastline in Europe.

Sign that petition NOW:

I can keep on blogging about all natural beauty of Dalmatia,
but what if there ain't no beauty anymore ?

I won't say please, I simply say do it, and do it NOW !

As if we don't say NO, politicians will run for the short term money,
with a high risk of ruining it all it the long term.

Yes yes, they say (bla bla bla), they say they take every possible precaution  to protect the environment, but didn't they say so about those many disasters too.

Do I have to to summarize them ?
No I won't, as Google shows them all to you in a split second.
To make things easy for you (and you politicians),
look here:

Now do go back to the first link, and sign that damned petition.
Do it NOW.