April 26, 2013

wonderful world

Discovering the globe; it all starts with some local explorations.
That goes for kittens as well as humans.

After some mild rain yesterday, today is as usual, great weather, clear blue skies and a mild 20 C. in the morning.
(And coming week temperature even goes into the 25 degrees, not bad :-).

Everything on our land is growing rapidly, potatoes have been planted, so now it's all a matter of keeping things going with a bit of water and some tlc.

Later this spring we'll enjoy cherries from the trees, first strawberries, young salads, into summer it's melon time, as also a lot of melons have been planted.

Producing (and reproducing) a wide variety of fruits, vegetables and flowers is one of my to many hobbies, and the land we've got is the most fantastic lot (all friends around say).

Still have many other hobbies, pure practical and theoretical (researching Roman history in this area for instance), all of it for the fun of it, as only being in it for the money is history to me (happily retired).

And of course I explore our world like those young cats, as amazed as they are, step af step after step into this gorgeous area.
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