April 22, 2013

they did it (in Hotel Villa Dvor)

Congratulations to Hotel Villa Dvor in Omis,
as they finished an almost impossible job !

They managed to build an elevator through solid rock, and finished it as planned.
(Some other efforts to create tunnels in and around Omis seem to be taking a "bit" longer).

The hotel is on a magnificent location, high above the summer crowds, on a, no...... the most beautiful spot.
High above the Cetina river, overlooking both town and canyon, with no doubt a very friendly owner's family to make your stay a true Dalmatian experience.

Gentle hospitality, organic quality food, excellent rooms, and all of it on this location, what more can a visitor want.

I highly recommend this hotel, run by the Curlin family, in my true opinion the best place to spend a couple of days and nights (if not a long stay).
Have a look at their website (www.hotel-villadvor.hr) and you'll see what I mean.

And in case you wonder: no, I still sleep in Svinisce, and yes I still pay for my espresso, even there !
But I just had to both congratulate the people of the hotel and at the same time let you know there is a magnificent place to stay when visiting Omis.

And forget about those stairs, as they are as much history as the palace of Diocletian in Split.
This is 2013, this is elevator time !
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