July 07, 2014

being dutch in dalmatia

Perhaps you haven´t noticed yet, but in Brasil there is a world championship going on.
So whát you may say.
!! Football !!

And however the Dalmatian people are known for being absolute Hajduk Split fans, specially in this region,
there is a category of fans that goes totally nuts these days.
The Dutch !

Maybe you still think ``shall I visit Holland or Dalmatia this year``, well, than better follow my advise !
Dón´t go to Holland, unless you love orange streets.

As where the Brazilians are yellow/green,  the Belgians like cooked lobsters, and the Argentinians white/blue,
it´s all nothing compared to entire Holland.
As Holland these days is suffering from an Orange Disease.

So if you want to see Holland in it´s normal colour (greyish pale blue with plenty of rain), better wait till our team either wins the world championship or gets kicked out.

Until than it´s better to decide for Dalmatia.
Green, blue and sunny as usual.


Thank heaven, Holland lost in a terrible match against the Argentinians.
And without being an expert on football items, I think Germany will be world champion.
May the best team win, as that's what they are !!!