July 21, 2014

Split without Salona: IMPOSSIBLE !

I like to be clear, sometimes even blunt :-).

However, if not being clear, you would miss this tip:
visiting Split without visiting Salona (today's Solin)
would be a terrible mistake.
As without Salona there wouldn't have been Split.

The old Romans knew how to pick their locations, 
and Salona is one of those unique spots.

Sun, soil, water, a perfect place to live near the Adriatic, 
well protected from invasive tribes, however that changed later on when the Slavs moved in.
For centuries however, the location was perfect,
a firm stronghold and a great place to relax from all the expeditions the Roman empire organised.
And relax they did, all those 50.000 ancient inhabitants.

Recently I received a newsletter from go Hvar at wordpress
with highly interesting information and a load of great pictures.

So once again, why bother if someone else does a better job,
I continue to pamper my crops, while you read the entire story at:

And I do hope you will visit Salona, as to understand why Split is Split,
you múst experience Salona.
The above mentioned link gives you a perfect idea.
And after reading it, you better see for yourself.

Promise ?
Great !