July 15, 2014

chase the donkey, thát's what you need to do !

Why bother writing my "no good for nothing" pages,
when there is a fár better option ?
Well, to be honest, I like to keep my English in shape, not easy for a Dutchman living in Dalmatia.
With a couple of languages in my head
(Dutch, English, German and a tiny bit of French),
and trying to increase my knowledge of Croatian
(svaki dan malo vise),
sometimes I get a headache flipping from one to another.

Than why not choose for Dutch or Croatian, you might ask,
the answer is plain simple,
my Croatian is very limited, and with only a few Dutch on the globe,
it makes sense to use English in stead.
That's why I use English, and with still a lot to share,
I'll continue to (try to) do so.

However, it's a painstaking process,
partially digging for what's still in my head,
sometimes with a bit of help from Google Translate.

However, if you prefer to read proper English,
and need detailed information about Dalmatia,
dó have look at: www.chasingthedonkey.com

It's written by a nice lady called Sarah Jane, originally from Australia,
but chasing her donkey, she settled in Dalmatia.
Again today I received her so called Weekly Update,
which made me think "why bother, she's better".

Will this mean the end of my blogging, héll nó,
but I want !! you !! to get the most out of your search for splendid information about Dalmatia,
and how to discover and enjoy it in the véry best way.

So go to www.chasingthedonkey.com as those pages are great,
but do come back here once in a while, 
as however not a frequent blogger,
I will continue to add stuff whenever I feel like it.
And as you may know, I never write about the regular touristic offer, 
and certainly not about fish-pick-nicks and such.
As when I feel like writing,
it's because I think something is worth sharing with you.
And as a result, you get to know Dalmacija better.
As thát's what drives me and my internet fellows.

Great job Sarah Jane, I envy you !