July 24, 2014


Our Adriatic Sea is thé reason why you and so many others 
choose to come to Dalmatia, every year again.
It's clear blue water, clean as clean can be, 
attracts people from all over the globe, year after year, 
and with hundreds of thousands, ever increasing.
To say it in other words, this is the véry best Croatia has to offer.

All you visitors fall in love with it, 
and each of you brings in money, loáds of money.
You and I are so to say: 
the chickens with the golden eggs.

And however I don't want to interfere with Croatian politics at áll,
this time I must speak out loud.

National politicians have the disastrous idea there is more money in drilling for oil; not somewhere far away, but between our Dalmatian islands.
More money, móre money..... how about all the money from tourism ?

The idea of drilling for mineral oil in this pristine sea environment is a bloody shame.
Daring to risk our sea is the biggest mistake éver.
As once the shit hits the fan, there is nó return.

So do please join the Clean Adriatic Sea Alliance, 
and STOP THIS DISASTER before it's to late.

Because you and I love Dalmatia for it's clean sea, 
nót for cheap fuel at the petrol station.
Our oil comes from trees, nót from the Adriatic.

There are other ways to keep our economy growing, 
there are other ways to harvest energy (lot's of sunshine), 
and there are other ways to fill the gap in the states' budget. 

Join the www.clean-adriatic.org 
before there is no turning back.

Enjoy your holidays at the most beautiful coast of Europe.
This year, next year, or any year in the future.

As an unspoiled Adriatic Sea is the véry bést gift, 
to ourselves ánd to the future !