August 03, 2014

do like us, see those guys !!!!

It took us twó years to leave our hidden paradise for a visit to Split.
To be totally honest, I sometimes go, but only if I must buy something we don't have in Svinisce.
And as quick as possible I race back, neglecting all speed limits.

Yesterday however, the two of us left our hidden valley,
and boy did we enjoy it !
We check Total Split's information regularly,
but not being tourists nor city dwellers,
we only say "ah, look how much Split has to offer to visitors".
But we're no tourists, we live here, well hidden from the crowds,
the heat, noise and stress.
So why leave Svinisce, where life is simple and great.
Well, we were and are WRONG !

As yesterday evening we went to see, listen and enjoy
a unique group of musicians on a stunning location.

As in the garden of the Mestrovic Museum,
overlooking the Adriatic by night, there was a show/concert by the Sudar Percussion ensemble with Matej Mestrovic.
And to say it simple: it was a f#cking fantastic evening.

Started with a introducing documentary on wide screen
about the process of creation and recording,
the group entered the stage, grabbing us by the balls and not letting go till three extra's had been given.
And the music never stops, as we bought their CD,
originally packed in a tin can :-)

Will we go back to Split to get some more,
even if sweat is dripping down our back and lower,
héll we will !!

Not only next year, to see if Sudar is performing again, 
but more often, as in the museum garden all summer long
there is life music (twice a week).

If interested (and you should be !!).
have a look on the group's website or Youtube,
and see/listen/download/buy their music.

(Click here for all details.)

Goran Gorse - vibraphone
Filp Mercep - marimba
Nicolas Sinkovic - xylophone, glockenspiel
Josip Blaskovic - bass
Luka Pesutic - drums
Matej Mestrovic - piano

Returning to our hidden valley, again we felt blessed, 
especially because our evening temperature is five degrees C. lower 
than the temperature at the coast.
(25 or 20 degrees Celsius does make a BIG difference).
And a cold beer tastes even better than, under a star sprinkled sky.
Zivali Sudar, zivali !