August 10, 2014

dalmatian dangers

Are dangers typical for Dalmatia, the answer is nó !
Dangers are everywhere and always around.

Traffic accidents seem to be most common, but not the only ones.
Youtube is full of them, so if you like to see them, look there :-)

But it would be ignorant to not warn for some dangers.
And some of them are typical for Dalmatia.

Like I said, traffic is a true danger, even in sunny Dalmatia. 
Narrow roads, lots of summer traffic, a long trip under the sun, 
and many people walking to or from the many beaches,
especially in the evening that's something to be aware of.
So please drive carefully, as you don't want to be involved in accidents, especially not while on holidays.

Also when driving here, be aware of the amount of crossroads, tiny entrances, parking lots and tourists searching for one :-)
At ány moment a car may stop, leave or enter, so be aware, 
keep your distance and stay alert. 

Than suddenly, not usual in summer but it may occur, there is rain.
Yes rain, as during rain, roads get véry slippery !
Hot asphalt, oily residues combined with rain, makes "mayonnaise". 
And than you discover it's either a rock or a steep slope.

Some other, perhaps unexpected dangers and risks to be warned for:
1. sunburn, but anyone should know that.
Protect yourself and kids, as our sun can be pretty powerful.
Especially on the water, you get more than average of it.

2. lack of water during a hike in our rough nature.
For already five days, rescue teams are searching for a missing person on Biokovo.
She went for a hike, broke something, had a snakebite or worse, perhaps even fell into one of the many pits there,
but whatever the cause, she's still missing.
Lets hope those volunteers find her in time.
A. If going for a hike in rough terrain,
have twó litres of water per person.
B. Tell people what your detailed plan is,
and don't just go into unknown terrain.
C. Have a loaded cellphone, a whistle, a small mirror with you.
D. Start very early and stop before it's mid day.
E. Be well prepared, as this is true nature, rough, wild and beautiful.

3. uncommon insects
Even I still make mistakes when working on our land.
A tiny little fly (hard to see) bites and makes bíg infections.
Use repellent (DEET), and take some OTC anti-histamine crème with you, just in case you get an insect bite.

Also, less common, but something to be aware of,
are some tiny spiders, known as black widows.
Tiny, black with some red on their back, and pretty tricky.
If you see one be careful, or worse, in case of a bite, séé a doctor !  
(Most towns have a first aid, called "hitno pomoc").

To keep this list limited (snakes, falling rocks, to much alcohol),
just be aware, as dangers are all around us,
even or especially when on holidays.
As not only those white cliffs of Dover (GB) kill.

Be warned, be  aware, stay safe 
and enjoy our gorgeous part of  beautiful Croatia.