August 24, 2014

if a true cook and if interested, just write me

Another picture (see the previous blog post), this time however as a presentation,
worth to be served in a high end restaurant.
(Not for pizza bakers, not for grill chefs).

And however I am nót (repeat NÓT !!!) looking for a job or obligations,
I might try to teach a friend here to produce such delicious vegetables, a king's table worthy.

I simply wanted to prove there is so much more possible under the Dalmatian sun,
and like I said before, all of it without any artificial "help".
Pure eco, pure domaci (home grown), pure delicious ingredients for a fantastic salade, or as extra to a perfect dish.
Ánd.....a true joy for any professional chef.

If interested *), my email address is in the header of my blog.
So write me an email,
and we'll think of some growing plan for next season.

Enjoy Dalmatian summer, rich of delicious vegetables.

*) If, of course cooking in the Split region !