August 03, 2014

Omis people apologize for trafficjam

Of course Omis loves every visiting tourist,
and of course the people of Omis like them to stay as long as possible
in this marvellous place between Adriatic Sea and Cetina River.
And tourists from many countries come and stay for a great holiday.

However, many people will remember Omis as the wórst trafficjam in Croatia.
As already for many years now, the centre of Omis is ONE BIG TRAFFICJAM.
And all of that because the responsible politicians seem to be born without ears, eyes (and brains ?).

Promises, promises, promises, a typical disease politicians seem to be suffering from.
With half a tunnel ready, as you can see when you look up, the next part is promised (again) to be ready somewhere in 2020.
(Or will it be another apartment with stunning view, overlooking the Cetina from above).

Anyway, yesterday the people of Omis went to the Magistrale (that coastal road from Split to Dubrovnik),
to apologise to all passing tourists waiting in the longest trafficjam in Dalmatia.

As Omis is a fantastic place to spend holidays, with a large Adriatic beach, the Cetina Canyon, impressive mountains,all of it blessed with a lot of sunshine (unless it's raining sometimes).

But sorry to say, the responsible people in Croatia, put a lót of money in promotion, folders, flyers, worldwide reclame and loads of attention, but................
they seem to forget all those visiting tourists get stuck in the worst ever yearly trafficjam.

For that reason the people of Omis went to the road, to apologise for the "inconvenience".
As people of Omis love to see you come and stay, but not in a trafficjam.

Let's hope the voters (yes dear politicians, they vote for responsible politicians),
finally get what they have been begging for, for so many years.
And keep in mind, between now and the promises for 2020, there are elections again.

So better beware of those Omis Pirates !