August 20, 2014

the very best tip ever !!!

You know my blog pages,
most, if not all, related to beautiful Dalmatia.

As here we settled a couple of years ago, leaving Holland (the Netherlands), for a móst happy retired life in the móst beautiful part of Croatia.
And no doubt I will continue to share the real feeling of this part of paradise, especially about the not so well known delights.
This time however, I better share another secret with you.

I had a working life :-).
During those many years, I saw and used many software programs.
Many of them connected to the company I worked for, 
many because they seemed useful (but were not).

One however I purchased in 1996, on recommendation of a friend.
It's name: TIME and CHAOS.
Not the easiest decision (but that's life), as it was in English,
and being a Dutchman my native speech is.....

Never scared of a bit of struggle, I slowly managed to make it my very best tool ever.
As all of us know, time and chaos are like ying and yang,
always together, like me and my wife.
I created my part of CHAOS, so it was TIME for a change.
And never ever, not for one split second, I regretted my step.

And however not stuffed with client details (in every thinkable way) anymore, it's still a fantastic tool for whatever hobby I have.
(And that's a lot).

Today, for instance, I store every result of my gardening experiments, from a single potato I planted and recently harvested, to all those tomatoes, peppers, herbs and beans I try to produce and reproduce.
And eat of course, all of them strictly without pesticides or poisons.
(Why the hell do people still accept those things).

Anyway, áll my hobbies are well organised in what's today called Intellect, one of the great software programs Chaossoftware is providing ánd supporting.

So this time not a single word about Dalmatia, 
but three cheers for those guys.
In one word:

So leave this page (and come back the next time),
and click to have a look here:
You wont regret it,
as it's cheaper than a delicious Dalmatian dinner for six !