August 05, 2014

cellphone, mobitel and a "love story"

Could not resist to share this item with you.
Ok, it's hardly typical for Dalmatia (or is it), in a country where every driver only has one hand.
(And a second hand busy holding his/ her mobitel while driving.)

Recently, to continue, I saw a young couple in a restaurant, 
young and deeply in love with each other.
The well prepared delicious food was already on the table, 
the moonlight over the Adriatic as romantic as can be.
And each of them was busy, véry busy, with their cellphones !!!

Holy SHIT, is that what LG, Samsung and Nokia had in mind ?
Turn that thing OF for once in a while !!!!
Be social, polite, interested or deeply in love again some times.


The story below, click on each picture please, tells it all.
A hard working restaurant owner wondered why reviews turned bad over the years.
So he decided to see why, as he did nothing different, only better.
These three pictures tell it all.

(At least once in a while.)

This story came from a restaurant in New York,
but it seems totally normal nowadays, anywhere and always.
Even in Dalmatia, éven when people are on holidays.
Even when surrounded by natural beauty, pristine nature and the summer sound of crickets.
Even when, enjoying some well deserved peace on a lovely beach.
No stress, no deadlines, no noise, no agenda: "dolce vita".
Life is fantastic, those two, three weeks, so: