August 13, 2014

freshest steaks éver (also at Zvizdan in Brzet Omis)

Going to butcher or supermarket to buy a truly fresh steak ?
This Russian driver thought otherwise.

Steaks from the freezer, nó way !
Wrapped in transparent polystyrene, forget it ! 
The guy wanted his steak as fresh as fresh can be, so............ it put an entire cow in his Lada.
One thing is absolutely sure, the best superfresh steaks are his.
Good thing he didn't put the cow in the driver's seat :-)
To see the video, click:

And should you not have a green Lada,
or hate cleaning your car afterwards, ánd if staying in or near Omis,
go to Restaurant Zvizdan *) in Brzet.
As their steaks are fresh and tender as usual,
and the location, diréct to the seaside is worth the short trip.

*) Leave Omis, direction Makarska, and after about one mile, turn right at the sign Brzet, 
and drive on till you see Zvizdan on your right.
Lovely place in the shade of pine trees, direct at the beach 
and with the most fantastic panorama of áll Omis.

See the post I wrote about our favourite place at:
zvizdan-brzet-omis a great place to eat, swim, enjoy.

Enjoy your steak, ánd the location !