June 25, 2014

omis, brzet, zvizdan, a fine place to: eat/drink/swim/relax/enjoy !

Want to know where we (as locals) go for a swim
and some friendly priced food ?
Ok, here's the tip:

Drive out of Omis, direction Makarska, and in a few of minutes (!), turn right at the sign Brzet.
Driving to this location is always a pain in the *ss, but accepting this minor problem brings you in a couple of minutes (!) to a most enjoyable secluded beach, terrace and restaurant.
The name of the place: Zvizdan (meaning star).

Not to crowded, which is a blessing in crowded Omis, the place is véry pleasant and easy going,
with a delicious terrace under pine trees and a móst fantastic panorama.
The sea there, as everywhere, is very clean,
and the bonus is in the fact that it takes ten (!) steps from the terrace into the waiting water.

It's our favorite spot, especially in the later afternoon, when the sun slowly sets behind Omis.
As than we like to refresh ourselves at Zvizdan with a cool drink (beer Paul B., béér), followed by a freshly prepared dinner, many times followed by another swim, this time under the stars.

Do not be surprised to see a couple of dolphins passing,
looking for some fresh fish too :-)
And you don't have to be a dolphin to have some fresh fish, as all dishes are super fresh, well prepared and very decently priced.

When returning, please be carefull when entering the coastal road towards Omis again.
The road you're leaving is in a slightly difficult angle, 
and not all drivers on the Magistrale are on holidays. 
(Especially some racing motor bikers with a clear death wish). 

If you don't have a car, ask at the tourist agency malimlin 
(opposite the big Studenac shopping centre, near camp Galeb), 
as they might just have a nice alternative available.