June 25, 2014

camping in dalmatia

Bad luck....
.... if you don't want to spend all your quality time at the Adriatic, 
on small or huge camp sites,
as camping in the Total of Inland Dalmatia is a mission impossible.

Still the officials, locally ánd nationwide don't understand "some" people like to put their shelter, camper or caravan at a small natural site where the crowds don't go.

Freedom seekers, nature lovers, all those people who like to scroll the beautiful inland, may still be a bit surprised, if not disappointed to discover it's impossible to find such camping locations.

Sad, bad, ignorant and I might even add stupid,
as the inland of Dalmatia has loads of opportunities
to create a small, green possibility.

To begin with, the entire length of the Cetina river is pure delight, where each and every farm, village or small town should be happy
to embrace the possibility.
Vrlika, Cetina, Sinj, Trilj, Grab, Blato na Cetina, Podgrade, Zadvardje, even Kucice, to mention a few, are perfectly fitting into the idea of promoting the Dalmatinska Zagora.
These are only some of the many charming places along all of the Cetina's 105 beautiful kilometers.

And there are mány more places, like Vrgorac, Imotski, Ricice and more, that would benefit from people finding their peace in this most quiet, natural Dalmatian region, just behínd the coast.
The name: Dalmatinska Zagora, or to say it in English:
Total Inland Dalmatia.
(click on this line to find out more).

Who would nót want to spend one or more nights (ánd days) in pristine nature, enjoying local products from local producers, butchers, bakeries, fishermen or farmers.

Let's hope, the decision makers finally understand that all those ridiculous laws and regulations may be sensible at the coast, but contra productive for the inland.
As in most modern European countries there are basic initiatives, offering a stay in nature or near a charming spot or village.

Not the complete package with swimming pool, restaurant, entertainment, bar and beach club, where you see and hear more of your neighbours than what's ten meters away, but basic, natural, simple spots.
With of course a minimal offer of fresh water, a basic toilet/washing place, and a véry basic offer of electricity.
Not less, but ábsolutely not more (as less still is more :-).

If you only see where we live, in our well hidden valley with friendly people and a stunningly beautiful panorama,
you get the picture behind this plea.

As here we live in a totally peaceful environment, silent, pristine, natural and peaceful paradise.
And before you run to our village, better choose for one of the possibilities that already exist within one hour's reach in entire Total Inland Dalmatia.
"Unfortunately" you'll have to camp at the coast (still fantastic).
And also from there, each and every trip into the inland is like discovering paradise.

But let's hope it will soon be:
as it's truly worth a visit, for a day, but better for some more.
As thán you'll discover yourself ánd Dalmatia's hidden secrets.