June 18, 2014

imotski, two breath taking lakes, but also.........

but also ..........RICICE !

I know, I know, there is more to see in Imotski, and yes, those two famous lakes áre special.
But my choice is a small village called Ricice !
(Look on the map, it's there since ages).

Coming from Svinisce (our home) it's a wonderfull trip, heading for Zadvarje, Sestanovac, Cista Provo, and on,
till you see a small road direction Studenci.
Take that road, narrow but pleasant, following the signs to Ricice.
Perhaps sometimes you'll mistake, no problem, as it's all an interesting ride, through rapidly changing landscapes.

One moment you'll see this panorama, and there it is, Ricice.
Hardly known, worth however to be more known,
as it's absolutely and stunningly beautiful.
Especially on a sunny day (most summer days :-),
as than the lake shows it's amazing colour.

But not only the colour is beautiful, as you will see.
The lake is truly a gem, from whatever side you look at it, and there are many spots to either look at or walk to.

When we, as recently, have family or friends over, Ricice is always on my list, and they all agree, it's a gorgeous lake !

Again I am surprised so little people know it, and even for golf fanatics (not me) this might be the very best place to create a golf course, through an already lovely shaped landscape, from one green to the next, hitting hard (or putting tenderly).
Building a country hotel, overlooking the scenic landscape,
sipping from a glass of splendid Imotski wine
(yes they make excellent local wines there),
enjoying the unique relaxing atmosphere of Total Inland Dalmatia.

Coming from Imotski it's less than ten minutes by car, 
from Split its let's say a one hour's trip.