May 27, 2014

dalmatian windmill

Laughing windmill

Never ask your wife's opinion about your blog pages :-)
How about that for an intro.

Well, after a nice dinner (which I prepared, as usual) we had a small conversation about my blog pages.
She confronted me with the fact that I once in a while mention my best friend Robert of MALIMLIN.
So, what about him ?

He and I, whenever he has the time, 
get out to discover new places in our area.
Most of the time we're rather lazy, driving around, 
having a chat about how terrible life is in this horrible part of Croatia.
(Just kidding, but that's our common joke).

Whenever we see something, we stop the car and get going, 
yes even on foot.
I rather travel (super-) light, so I leave my camera in the car, 
and Robert is the donkey :-)
Besides, mine is a simple Powershot G3, his is a sophisticated picture machine with more buttons than my shirt.

So he drags the tools, I just walk and talk, as knowledge of stone formations, plants and herbs are my part of the "work" (see this, smell that, try these), his job is to take pictures of it all.

And after another trip into paradise, as that's what it is, he sends me a couple of pictures, to which I write a page on this blog.

Not being connected to anything or anybody (except my wife) I once in a while mention Robert is the guy to contact if you, visiting Dalmatia,are looking for details or some professional guidance.

The reasons are quite simple, I am not for rent, sale, use, and contacting me to be of help is wasted time.
I am not available, I am free after enough years of obligations, appointments and deadlines.
(Reason why I don't have a watch, cellphone or agenda).

But you, my dearest readers, you might want to follow our footsteps and are desperately looking for some professional service.
Well, lucky you, as Robert is the owner of MALIMLIN , a tourist agency like so many in Omis, bút.... it's his pride and joy to offer the very best value for money.
Don't they all do that, you may ask ?
No, they don't, at least not all of them, the bastards :-)

Knowing Robert however, he loves Dalmatia as much as I do, and does an excellent job, being apartments, car rental or the commonly asked excursions to all those special places.
But, and thát really makes his service special, he can offer you tailor made trips, in which whenever he has the time, takes you to wherever you like or he suggests you after a friendly chat.

And that's why I sometimes (according to my wife many times) mention MALIMLIN, which by the way means small windmill.
As however we live in Dalmatia, we're Dutch as Dutch can be.
Which means we eat tulip bulbs, walk on wooden shoes, 
and put a finger in every dyke :-)

So to end this "no good for nothing" page, do like Robert and I, get out into Dalmatia behind the coastal mountains, experience how f@cking special it is, but don't ask me for service, as thán you'd better contact Robert, the guy of MALIMLIN .
As I prefer to be what I am, FREE at last !

Click on the picture and have a closer look, 
as this typical Dutch windmill is either laughing or hungry.