May 20, 2014

dalmatia outdoors, so why not like this

(Picture by Vjeco Begovic on Dalmatia Outdoors.)

There are many ways to experience Dalmatia,
or should I say tó many :-)

Most people come to Dalmatia because of it's pristine seawater,
the great weather, the relaxing atmosphere, the organic food or the many islands, ancient cities, friendly people,
fairly decent prices and so much more.

An increasing lot of people however, the more active ones, have discovered Dalmatia is a paradise for active sports,
whatever you choose.
And not only at the Adriatic, but also in the Zagora (the hinterland).
Or even better, combining the two.

With so much fantastic nature, mountains, caves, rivers, lakes and meandering roads, it's impossible to say "uh well, I went there but didn't find a spot for my favourite sporting activity".

Unless you're a Formula One fan, as than we'll have to disappoint you. 
As than you'd better go to Belgium, Monaco, Germany or Dubai :-)

But even the motorised community, especially those on motor bikes, find in Dalmatia the perfect setting for trips into the country.
And believe me (why not for once), if you have only one week, you'll have to phone home you'll be staying for another couple of weeks as you never stop finding new scenic roads, marvellous panoramas, unique spots, sleepy little villages (like ours), with friendly people who are always interested in you, offering you a drink or even a meal.

Only problem still, is the (total) lack of official small camp sites, as being a nature lover, you prefer to sleep under a star sprinkled sky.
But things are changing, as while you discover Dalmatia, also Dalmatia is discovering why you choose to roll out your sleeping bag or put up your shelter for the night near that small town with that charming little restaurant, and that terrace where locals gather around their pride and joy, local wine from local wine producers.

As once you have discovered how extremely open minded, social and friendly people are in the Zagora, you're gonna come back,
so much I know, as we now live here !

And to all active people, climbers, divers, cavers, hikers,
 I'd like to add:
you ain't seen nothing yet
Do click on this line, as most girls here do have brown eyes :-)

And if in the mood for some action,
have a look on dalmatiaoutdoors for some great ideas.