May 24, 2014

visit Omis

There's a new kid on the block in Omis.
His name is

People who follow my "no good for nothing" pages, 
know I always try to add some interesting details, so you decide to make Omis (and surroundings !!) your choice to spend your holidays.

Much to my surprise a new website showed up, using the gap the official tourist website still didn't fill.
I wont go into details about that old fashioned,
just want to say:
"WAKE UP TZ " as season 2014 has started !

Ok, back to "visit Omis" as I love fresh initiatives that present and promote the many opportunities Omis has to offer.
And that's a lot more than "just" the old centre or the large sandy, kids friendly beach.

I truly and strongly believe Omis has the bést possibilities to become thé place to go.
Ok, there are no discotheques, and still I am looking for a restaurant that does nót serve pizza's.
Ah, and being negative for once, a walk along the Cetina is close to a death wish, as your every step is shared with passing cars.
(Do contact me for a simple, inexpensive solution, creating a basic, 
yet pleasant footpath from Omis to let's say Kastil Slanica). 

But apart from these small flaws, Omis has it áll.
And with áll I do mean ALL.

Give me óne place where there is such a beach, such a canyon, such charming town centre, so much magnificent nature and so many active sports (even for lazy people like me).
Give me óne place close to Split, Trogir, Makarska, Salona, even Dubrovnik, with highway and airport near  enough,
but not disturbing your well deserved peace.
Give me, to continue, óne place with Mosor, Omiska Dinara, Biokovo, even Krka and so much more within reach.

And to finish this list, as a bonus you get the Dalmatinska Zagora, with móre hidden gems than many people will ever discover.
Dó make that trip, keeping the Cetina on your léft. following the entire river from end to beginning, stopping in Blato, Trilj, Grab, Sinj, with a swim in Perusko Lake, perhaps even a hike on Dinara, the border mountains (with the highest peak of all Croatia), to end at the very beginning of the river in the village called Cetina
(what's in a name).
As than you'll understand our love for this specific area of Dalmatia.

In short, we left Holland to live here in Svinisce,
and we love every minute here.
Driving down takes only five minutes to reach the Cetina (delicious swimming on a hot summer's day), five more to go to Brzet's beaches and coves and our favourite restaurant Zvizdan (serving pizza's, but also some other nicely prepared food). 

And for shopping there are plenty possibilities, and if you don't like the service of Studenac (with a ridiculous empty bottle system), it takes less than half an hour to shop in either Lidl, Kaufland, the mega Konzum or even City Center One.
As soon as Studenac (great store, great offer, nice workers) decides to upgrade it's service with a decent machine to put in empty bottles I'll be the first to tell !!

Enough ! Gotovo !
I just wanted to tell there is a new website,
So better have a look yourself, and once there, look at the page called as it is one of the perfect offers for people who like to have it all.
(Peace, nature, a stunning panorama,
and still less than ten minutes from all Omis has to offer).

I am in nó way connected to any of the offers written on this page.
I am just the piano player, so to say :-)