May 22, 2014

weather in Croatia

Sure, weather in Croatian summer is (almost) always splendid.
With seawater at around 25 C.
 and air temperature hardly ever below 30 C. 
you can call Dalmatia a sun- and summer-lover's paradise.

Than why show this picture ?
Because it's made by Aleksandar Gospic !
A nature lover, a mountain lover, 
but most of all, a gifted photographer.
If interested in how he sees Croatia, have a look at his website, 
stuffed with the most beautiful shots one can dream of.

Go and have a look:

As I am just taking simple snapshots,
you better have a look through his camera,
focussing on Dalmacija.

you might fall in love, 
as that's what happens to so many people
once they have decided to visit this part of Croatia.

So don't say I didn't warn you :-)