May 26, 2014

CNN (not the Croatian National Network :-)

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Having my last coffee of the day, I almost always sit behind my pc.
One of the things I do is check a couple of websites to find information about how to keep my vegetables alive and kicking under our hot sun, in dry heavy soil (clay, stones).

Before you (try to) ask me, they are fine :-)
I seeded a wide variety of tomatoes, peppers, salads, herbs and other vegetables, and óne (yes 1) potato.

This potato needs a bit of extra info.
I stole it from Biokovo :-(
Reason is that those Biokovo potatoes seem to be véry special.
Well to tell you the truth, they are not, as I did my research and discovered there are two varieties growing on tiny patches of workable soil on that harsh mountain.
Perhaps these harsh conditions create special potatoes, but I am gonna find out, as I stole one, and planted it in my secret vegetable garden.
In fact, all I seed, grow, plant and harvest is just a hobby, partly to eat the very best I can "produce", but also because I want to see the results, and if possible, reproduce and share with our friends.
So perhaps some day our neighbours will be producing "biokovo potatoes" here, depending on my experimental results.

But enough about my green experiments, as I want to share an item I discovered on the internet.
I stumbled over a page where CNN wrote about twenty (20) places you must see in Croatia.
All of them magnificent indeed, but most of them known to the world already.
I checked all twenty of them, but did not see anything on Svinisce or Omis or the Cetina River.

Come on CNN, what a horrible error, as this tip should be no less than # 21 on your list.
Ok, can't blame CNN, as their information came from the Croatian National Tourist Board.
Well than, CNTB, next time do a better job, as # 21 is no doubt as great as all other splendid twenty tips, if not even greater.

So you, dear reader of this blog, better add # 21 to your list, as Svinisce is special, as are Omis and the entire Cetina River.
As once you start to explore this gem, including an "expedition" into the Dalmatinska Zagora (the hinterland), you'll understand why I shared this item with you.
See those other twenty on

Recently the EU granted a giant sum of money (240.000.000 euros !!!) to start up a cross border project, in order to revitalize and  open up this magnificent region.
So don't wait, as you can already explore and experience this area, worth every penny invested in it, but already open and vital to people like me and you.
And believe me (as usual), you won't regret it, and it's for FREE !!!