May 13, 2014

Bee-Eater: Prološko Blato or Amazon Jungle ?

The Amazon Jungle may be great,
Prološko Blato however only takes a thirty minute drive :-)
Last Sunday my good friend Robert (of malimlin) and I went on one of our regular discovery trips in the area.
This time we headed for Imotski, famous for it's two stunning lakes (red- and blue lake).
But that was not our goal, as there are móre lakes there !

Each of those lakes, easy to see or well hidden, has a typical character, all of them a result of the structure of our type of rocks, called karst.
Most rain and snow disappear rapidly under the rocky surface, however disappearing may not be the proper word, as it always pops up again somewhere :-).

 Prolosko Lake (Prološko Blato) this time was our goal, as there this phenomenon of suddenly appearing water is seen at it's best. 
In fact Prolosko Lake isn't a real lake, but an accumulation of water, changing in size throughout the seasons.

We found what we were looking for, the lake was still a lake, supplying the immense surrounding agricultural land with water.
So after we took a look at the lake, we descended to scroll through the entire area, and discovered what every birdwatcher calls:
 pure delight.

  Bee eaters 
(Merops apiaster)
The European Bee eater to be precise.

First we saw one, than a couple and after some minutes
a whóle group of at least fifty,
including their nests, built in a sandy cliff.
Wow, whát a bird !

If you think of going to the Amazon Jungle, forgét it,
come to Imotski.
Their sound, their flight, those colours, those habits, ámázíng !!!

We saw and heard a couple of other birds,
all of them already a bonus for a fantastic day, 
but these bee eaters, they are truly thé most amazing discovery.

So if you're thinking of having a beach vacation in Dalmatia, and if you're a nature lover, do contact Robert, as apart from any other tourist service he offers (apartments, day trips, adventure), these specific discoveries are the cherries on his (ánd your cake).
He'll most gladly organise what you love to experience, being your private guide to one of the many hidden secrets of Dalmatia.
(Don't ask me, as I am retired, and véry busy).

But Robert will,  still leaving you plenty of time to get a sun burn, a hang over and some souvenirs, 
but also a Dalmatian experience you'll never forget.

As soon as possible I'll put some of our own pictures on this page.