June 30, 2014

central dalmatia, a love story

Being a very enthusiastic reader of Total Split 's pages,
today I was pleasantly surprised with a very charming video
about Central Dalmatia .

The video won a price on a festival in Azerbaijan, and however the music under it is a bit to sweet for me,
I couldn't agree more with it's contents, including all the denials.

As yes, once you've tasted Central Dalmatia, you fall in love with it.
No escape possible, it grabs you by the b*lls and doesn't let go.

How do I know this, the answer is simple:
it happened to us, reason why we now live here, till Kingdom come !

And for those who sometimes stumble over my minimalistic English,
we are Dutch as Dutch can be, 
but following our hearts we left Holland.

Some, if not many people think or say Holland is beautiful, 
including Rembrandt, Van Gogh, Amsterdam's red lights,
the Keukenhof and a couple more highlights.

Well folks, it may be, but nothing beats

So, with or without it's music, check this truly fine video, 
and plan your first visit.
(Which will be the first of a never ending love story.)

Couple of days ago, some Dutch people visited us.
They travel all over Croatia and various other countries professionally, and what they said to us is as true as true can be:
"This beats all". 
We know, we know, and now you know it too.