June 28, 2014

Cetina footpath

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How about:
a walk from Omis to let's say Restoran Kastil Slanica.
(About 30/45 minutes for lazy walkers like me).

A most impressive walk it is, following the Cetina into the Canyon.
Frogs shouting "kiss me, I am a prince",
ducks hiding in the marsh, boats passing.
And, fantastic panoramas, worth a thousand pictures.

This last section of the Cetina, before it enters the Adriatic Sea, 
is very relaxing and so does the river.
No more rapids, no more waterfalls, no rafts, slowly, slowly now.

Only óne thing is missing !
There ain't such a footpath at all.

Living nearby, every time I drive down from our hidden valley,
I see many visitors who risk their pants, taking a walk until they think enough is enough !
And they are right, as a walk along the Cetina's borders is tricky.

With hardly any space to walk or to do some physical exercise, 
and cars and buses passing all the time, 
it is almost surprising no serious accidents happened yet.

And thát while a pleasant footpath wouldn't cost a bloody fortune, 
with still plenty of rough material from drilling the new tunnel.
Rocks and gravel, that's all it takes to create this perfect addition to Omis's attractions.
Well, ok, with a couple of places to sit down, have a pick-nick or take some photos.

No doubt there a zillion laws and regulations, as this is Croatia, 
but give me óne good reason why such a footpath would damage the pristine nature of the Canyon of the Cetina River.

The river and it's canyon deserve to be seen, and you, my dear reader, visiting beautiful Omis, 
deserve a proper footpath, safely divided from passing traffic.

Until than, this walk still is most beautiful, but be careful please.
As medical care in Croatia is perfect, but better not need it :-).

Enjoy your holidays in Omis, worth a stay.